Sometimes I wonder……..

…now that Americans spend 56 billion minutes a month on FaceBook, which is literally the process of moving all of ones fingers slightly up and down in order to connect…I wonder if anyone engaged in this behaviour will come to the end of life and say; ” I wish I would have moved my fingers up and down more.”

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The One Business Rule I Never Violate

If you want to avoid the pain of being cheated by others in business, always remember The Yarnell Law Of Core Values:

                  Never trust any man who’s wife can’t.
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Yarnell’s Law 632

In my humble opinion, one simple concept has allowed me to soar to heights of time freedom and ¬†financial satisfaction that I really never considered possible in my youth. If I could wave a magic wand and place this one simple reality in the brain of every human being, I would do so and alter the entire human race for the better. I hope I have your attention because what I’m about to share with you has allowed me to live the last 28 years in absolute joy and serenity. It’s 6 simple words, followed by 3 simple words, followed by 2………..hence the meaning of Law 632……..

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Something I’ve Learned……

Nothing in life causes more misery than the ticking time bomb of stability.

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Go Grab Your Share

By Mark Yarnell and Dr Charles King

Off your ass and into the street,

Out of the shade and into the heat,

Forget about Facebook, or email or tweets,

It’s only through hard work and focus we eat.

Blow off the texting, exit the screen,

Stop eating grease bombs and drinking caffeine,

Control all your urges to act like a teen,

Stop dressing like children who love Halloween.


Through effort there’s no goal you cannot attain,

It’s not your degrees or the size of your brain,

You’ll not win through beauty, no need to be vain,

Cling to your youth and you’ll wind up insane.


So get off the couch and out of the chair,

Wipe off the sour puss and drop the despair,

Knock off the whining, there’s wealth everywhere,

Just get off your ass and go grab your share.




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