‘Sup W’ Dat? – Part Three

EI (Epistemic Irrationality) Factor #2

Rational adults will generally fall into one of two categories when exposed to an MLM opportunity…either they decide to join a company and sell products with no proof of efficacy beyond absurd testimonials or they refuse to join a company and sell products with stacks of scientific validation until they can themselves “try the product.”

I’ve enjoyed this industry for 25 years and every day it feels more and more like I’ve fallen down Alice’s rabbit hole where everything is backwards and Mad Hatters rule.

I’ve met doctors who join companies that sell magic wands and diet candy and blue collar workers who refuse to join companies selling remarkable technology with hundreds of double blind scientific studies that prove product efficacy. One example should put this in perspective.

I showed a very respected scientist a product line in a ground floor MLM company in mid 2011 with over 90 published articles in scientific journals. In spite of the fact that she needed the product and certainly needed the money, the doctor declined.

A couple of months later, she insisted that I meet her for breakfast so she could talk to me about something critical. I met with her and her husband and after few social niceties she pulled out a small silver wand that looked like a Cross pen and asked the waiter to bring us a lemon.

She told me that her magic wand from a new MLM company would turn the lemon “sweet.” It didn’t and I haven’t heard from her since. Perhaps she thought I would pretend that the lemon tasted sweet. It simply didn’t.

So, remember this. Either the product has been studied scientifically and the results published in legitimate journals or it hasn’t. If it hasn’t, don’t risk your honor and credibility on a handful of biased testimonials.

By age 30, people should be long past the age of believing in magic wands, diet candy or therapeutic foo foo powder from distant countries. But they aren’t. ‘Sup W’ Dat?

Stay tuned for Part Four…

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‘Sup W’ Dat? Part Two

EI (Epistemic Irrationality) Factor #1

Rational adults join stupid companies because total strangers, family members or friends with no verifiable credentials ask them to do so.

I have no idea why rational adults who read labels on virtually everything they eat or drink will buy a business kit and join an MLM company under any relative who calls them even if that relative has never held a job higher than assistant manager of Arby’s.

Some prospects will actually quit good jobs to follow failures with zero business experience into really stupid companies. What’s the solution?

If anyone contacts you about a “big money, free-time MLM opportunity,” ask him or her to either verify their own credentials or put you on the phone with a leader who is making the big money.

If he can’t, you’ve got a problem. Either no one is making the big money or they will not be accessible to you. In either case, you’re hooped.

MLM is a team sport. Without access to a successful coach or competent owners, no team can possibly compete no matter how many individual stars are on the team. The same thing is true in MLM. Without credible mentoring you cannot “luck” your way to $100K a month, no matter how talented you are.

If, on the other hand, you can gain access to company leaders or if your friend or relative has a great track record in the industry, move to the next step of due diligence. Whatever you do, don’t abandon your due diligence yet if you can be mentored by a true expert because that’s one of the most important elements of MLM success.

But remember, even if you gain access to competent leaders, that’s just the beginning. Warren Buffet and Bernie Madoff are both financial planners and investment experts. Let’s just say that one of them is eating a lot more macaroni and spam than the other!

‘Sup W’ Dat? They both managed billions for other people.

Stay tuned for Part Three…


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‘Sup W’ Dat? Part One

After twenty-five years in this industry I feel like I’ve learned enough to explain why some make millions while many others fail.

I will begin by introducing you to two words that you’ve probably never heard or seen. If there were more simple terms I’d use them, but there aren’t. Stay with me because at first I too found these terms a bit complicated.

I learned them in fabulous book written by fifteen of the world’s most respected psychologists/brain experts called, Why Smart People Can Be So Stupid, Yale University Press, 2002.

Those brilliant researchers coined the words Epistemic Irrationality to describe the root cause of stupid decisions.

Simply put, when people decide to take action they usually consider any relevant evidence that could impact their decision. Epistemic irrationality occurs when people refuse to take action even though all available evidence supports the fact that they should or when people take action even though all available evidence suggests that they shouldn’t. That’s when smart people make stupid decisions.

I can assure you that epistemic irrationality is an epidemic in our field.

In fact, were I hired to create a marble entryway with a universal slogan about our profession to be placed above the front entrance of every network marketing corporate office, it would read, “Abandon All Common Sense Ye Who Enter Here.”

Blaming the industry because many people fail to earn big checks is like blaming Orville and Wilbur Wright when the space shuttle blows up.

I can accept the fact that many people fail at MLM. What we need to understand is why they fail and more often than not, failure in MLM can be attributed to epistemic irrationality.

People simply refuse to weigh the preponderance of evidence about a particular company before they either join it or refuse to join it. Then, they blame the industry for their own foolish actions or inactions.

People violate one or more of several specific “common sense” factors. In future blogs, I’ll explain some of them. I call them EI Factors because they all revolve around epistemic irrationality (EI).

Stay tuned for Part 2…


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Correct Link for Webinar

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to a good friend, we just learned that the link in the latest blog posted for The Lotus Code webinar release on Wednesday November 4th does not work.

Here’s one that does!


Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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Coffee Alert

Now that I’m living in British Columbia, that’s in Canada just toclarify that for my U.S. friends, I am privileged to get informationearly because of the willingness of the media up here to actuallyengage in investigative journalism. The facts I just read were sofrightening that I decided to send them to my readers in a blog. Thisinformation could save your life, so I suggest that you take itseriously.

Itwas recently discovered that a specific coffee drink, a double/double,caramel frappy, somehow causes a mental state similar to that whichresults from two shots of hundred proof vodka.

Evidently,the coffee mixture is problematic enough to have been banned in severalprovinces and thirty foreign countries. In several locations itliterally cannot be consumed legally by drivers.

What’smade this coffee so dangerous has been the media’s unwillingness todisclose these facts until recently. Evidently, research has come tolight that proves that this coffee has caused the deaths of 159 BritishColumbian citizens in just the last year. That’s a published statistic.

Believe it or not, people up here are still drinking this coffee and the publicity about the deaths has made it seem cool.

Aslong as it’s legal, the death toll is bound to rise in spite of thefact that half those who died were innocent victims of some fool whoswerved over the yellow line and hit them head on.

I’mnot sure about whether this particular coffee is being offered in U.S.coffee shops but if it is, please don’t take any chances with itanytime you are planning to operate a motor vehicle. 159 deaths is anunbelievably sad statistic given the small population in one of theCanadian provinces and all of them were needless.

So I must urge my Canadian and U.S. friends to learn from the unnecessary grief thrust painfully into the lives of 159 families.

Waita minute… I apologize. I wrote coffee. What I meant to write was cellphones. Pardon the error. Everything else was accurate.

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Yesterday, three of my friends and I ran off our local mountain and immediately gained altitude in some really kick-butt thermals. It was a beautiful Sunday and from several thousand feet we could see two golf courses and a lake full of sailboats beneath us.

We were flying with bald eagles and red-tailed hawks and stayed up until our arms were tired from coring thermals, that is, catching updrafts and carving tight turns in their centers in order to gain more altitude. From that height it was easy to see thousands of people enjoying their weekend activities.

As I flew out over the lake and hovered above the dozens of sailboats, a predictable number of people waved and took pictures of us. As always, I waved back and couldn’t help wonder what they were thinking.

Given the choice between floating around on a boat in a lake, driving around in an electric cart on a well-mowed pasture, or soaring through the air with eagles, how could anyone choose either of the first two? Why were only four of us in the air and thousands of them on the ground, especially when the cost of paragliding is less than one-tenth that of sailing and there are no fees or tee times required to run off a mountain?

Three words: Fear Of Heights.

That’s also what causes otherwise rational adults to avoid legitimate multi-level marketing…fear of heights. Most people never join our industry for the same reason that most never consider paragliding. They refuse to bet on their own courage and effort.

Once you leave the mountaintop and the ground slowly drops away, you’re on your own. Remain calm and do what you’ve learned and you’ll have a wonderful experience. Freeze up, freak out or forget what you’ve learned and it could become a horrifying experience.

It’s the same in MLM. Most people never join our industry because they lack confidence in themselves. And most will never paraglide.

Then there are those who see us soaring with the eagles and immediately sign up for lessons. They’ll never run off the mountain, but they’ll dabble with a few lessons in order to tell everyone that they’ve tried it. It’s one step closer to the dream, but a long way from soaring. It’s like the thousands of prospects I’ve met over the years who claim they’ve tried our industry, but it wasn’t for then.

I have a few words of caution for those who think they can dabble in multilevel or paragliding: Don’t even try. Either find a great coach and do it right or don’t do it at all.

Finally, there are those who are the most likely to die. In paragliding they die physically. In MLM they die financially. They’re the rare folks who have no fear of heights or lack of confidence. They’re the folks who think they’re so brilliant and competent that they can read a book or two and teach themselves.

There’s no one more dangerous to himself in paragliding than the experienced airline pilot, mountain climber or skydiver who has no fear and a pile of confidence.

And there’s no one more likely to crash and burn in Networking than the successful professional who believes competencies are transferable. Just like the airbus pilot who selects the wrong wing, refuses lessons and ends up being airlifted to a trauma center after crashing into a cliff, the MLM hot shot who usually fails, picks the wrong company, a pseudo-upline leader or worse…reads a book and then runs off the financial cliff.

I’ve been paragliding and Network Marketing since the 80s so I speak with authority. I’ve earned millions in MLM in only two companies and I’ve completed thousands of paragliding flights without even a sprained ankle.

How? It’s really simple. I picked a winning instructor, bought the technology he recommended, and did exactly what I was taught without exception.

Paragliding and Network marketing are serious endeavors if you value your finances and personal safety. So permit me to offer a bit of friendly advice.
Unless you’re willing to take the time to sign up directly under a mentor who has significant skills in MLM, don’t waste your time in my profession.

And unless you’re willing to sign up under an expert and learn the intricacies of paragliding, please buy an electric cart and stay on the ground. When you get the courage to soar with the eagles either financially or literally…call me. I’ve got the time and skill set to teach you both.

Just remember one important fact: I won’t teach you to paraglide if you insist on flying an inappropriate wing and I can’t teach you to prosper in a goofy money game.

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