Dear Fellow Networkers,

As promised in yesterday’s blog “A Warning to All Rational Networkers,” here is a sample letter to Presidential candidates regarding Codex. I am e-mailing mine today to McCain and Obama. I urge you to send your copy as well.

Let’s act now!

Cordially, Mark


Dear Senator ________________,

Re: What is Your Stand on Codex?

There are 12 million Presidential votes up for grabs among members of our direct sales distribution industry.

We distribute vitamins, herbs, minerals and nutritional supplements and we can be expected to vote for the candidate who takes a stand against the Codex Plan of the World Trade Organization which will destroy most of our industry, as we know it.

We’ve studied Codex and we fully understand the small print in its entirety.

Will you protect U.S. distributors and consumers of natural health products and supplements against Codex?

Will you state publicly that if elected President you will take specific steps to ensure that our right to use and sell natural health products, as created and upheld by the US Congress, cannot be superseded or overridden by the implementation of Codex or any other world trade organization?

We need to know your position. We are not conspiracy theorists who can be marginalized to the fringes of capitalism, nor can we be pacified by silence or semantic gymnastics.

We understand Codex and it’s time to learn your position.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter.

Your full name
Your full address
Your phone number
Your e-mail address
Today’s Date

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Finally, a credible documentary by international award-winning filmmaker Kevin P. Miller is available by simply visiting and watching the DVD, “We Become Silent – The Last Days of Health Freedom.”

“I am releasing a 30 minute version of ‘We Become Silent’ because it is vital to engage the worldwide public about the dangers of CODEX ALIMENTARIUS,” said Miller. “If we don’t defend our health freedoms, they will be lost — and nothing would make the drug companies happier than to have free rein over our health.”

For over three years, I’ve been warning my fellow Networkers to either take action immediately or expect most nutritional MLM companies to be put out of business by Codex and the World Trade Organization.

Some of my closest friends rolled their eyes and others pretended that this was all just going to disappear like a bad nightmare. A few company owners asked me to shut up about Codex because it would scare their distributors. Others suggested that this didn’t apply to them because their companies are involved in distributing other products.

Those responses to my concerns are pathetic. Sorry folks, the silence must end. I believe Martin Luther King was right when he said, ”Our lives begin to end the moment we become silent about things that matter.”

If your income matters to you and you’re in a Network Marketing company that distributes any form of nutritional beverages, vitamins, minerals, herbs or supplements, I pray that you’ll spend 29 minute watching this documentary.

I don’t care if you believe me…you better pay attention to the MDs, congressmen, congresswomen, scientists, and experts in this documentary.

If you’re as concerned about the future of our industry as I am, I strongly urge you to send this information to everyone you know.

The bottom line is this…our freedom has already begun to atrophy because of our own inaction. Slowly, sovereign rights fade away if we don’t act.

Codex will RUIN our industry and all Networkers must make this an issue. Contact your choice for President and demand that he makes health care freedom an issue.

We Networkers have 12 million votes in America and our voices will make a difference.

Your choice for President is solely your own, but I think it’s time to find out between Obama and McCain, which one is willing to stand up to Codex and the WTO and protect our personal freedom to use and sell supplements, natural health foods and functional beverages.

My next blog will provide a sample e-mail to send to your candidate for President. This Presidential election puts us in the perfect position to find out which candidate is willing to take a stand.

In France, the people ignored Codex while big Pharma and the WTO rammed it down their throats. One woman has been arrested for selling 500 milligrams of Vitamin C.

The time is NOW!

If you don’t act, your personal choice to use and sell supplements will soon be chipped away. Visit and watch, “We Become Silent – The Last Days of Health Freedom.”


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Chasing The American Dream

I trout fish on backwoods lakes and streams where I often see bears and moose. I think it’s the complexity of the challenge that keeps me fishing. I gave up keeping the fish long ago because I don’t eat them. In fact, I use a barbless hook on all my flies so trout are more challenging to catch, but easy to release.

Years ago, I began tying my own flies and it has become a bit of an obsession with me.

There are an infinite number of possibilities when tying flies, but the most effective ones simulate specific insects. We call it “matching the hatch” and we tend to gravitate toward those particular flies that imitate an aquatic insect once we see it on the water.

Trout are very aware of which insects are hatching on any given day, so catching a large rainbow requires the angler to be observant.

The bigger the trout, the smarter it is. Big fish are big because they’ve outsmarted many fishermen for many years.

Globalization, outsourcing and downsizing have affected trout fishing dramatically. Instead of being able to purchase a great fly from an experienced fly-tyer, most fishermen are forced to purchase flies tied by seven-year-old African children who are paid pennies an hour to churn out dozens of flies using the cheapest possible materials. Since most fishermen don’t tie their own, they have to purchase cheap, assembly-line copies and never know any better. Fish do.

The best fly fishermen tie their own flies slowly from their personal stash of expensive feathers, beads, hooks and fabrics of every imaginable color and texture. The ultimate reward comes from our own inventions and creative insect copies.

In my tying years, I’ve created over a thousand such flies and only one has proven to be highly effective. I have one special room filled with fly-tying materials from all over the world and I’ve spent countless hours tying wet and dry flies.

On the rare occasion when a new effective pattern is invented, the rumor spreads quickly among our small community of fly fishing enthusiasts. If someone in England creates a successful fly, we’ll know about it in British Columbia in a matter of days and begin to immediately copy it. There are very few secrets in this sport.

And that brings me to the purpose of this blog. Two weeks ago I made a momentous discovery. Somebody had created a new insect pattern that is so blasted effective that they named it, “The Guaranteed.”

I bought the last four Guaranteeds I could find anywhere in our province and immediately began to search for the rare peacock neck feathers required to make it.

Literally, everybody was out of those feathers, partly because they’re so expensive and partly because very few flies, until now, required their usage. At 50 cents to $1.00 per feather, most tiers consider the peacock neck plumage an absurdity.

I have a different opinion. Any feather that will catch a big rainbow trout is priceless. Thanks to my 23-year Network Marketing career, I view rare feathers as a necessity, not a luxury.

So, all my friends wanted me to tie up some Guaranteeds, but there were no feathers anywhere. Then I found a farmwoman in the backwoods of Oregon who had peacocks all over her acreage and literally bags of neck feathers.

She asked me how many I wanted at a few cents apiece and I asked, “Do you have any hefty trash bags?” She laughed and collected a couple of hundred which cost me less than the overnight Fed Express charge to ship them. She thought I was nuts paying $50 for overnight delivery. I thought I’d died and gone to trout heaven.

I spent the next hour calling all my fishing buddies who were as excited as I was about the miracle discovery. When my wife Valerie came home, I explained my unbelievable find and she later told me that she had never seen me quite so excited.

That night, as I sat back contentedly and thought about my good fortune, it occurred to me just how silly life really is. Here I am approaching sixty, having enjoyed a life filled with mansions, airplanes, jet boats, Lotus Esprit Turbos, Swiss Chalets and Aspen ski homes. I spent six decades chasing the American Dream and no matter what I acquired, I always wanted more.

I used to think that I could find contentment and fulfillment if I just accumulated the right material possessions…and I was right to a certain extent.

I just wish someone had enlightened me when I was much younger to the real meaning of life, but no one told me the truth. So let me spare you years of unnecessary stress and toil.

Here’s the ultimate secret:

Serenity is the ability to derive absolute fulfillment from a bag of nickel feathers that may or may not arrive overnight.

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Far Worse Than Ignorance

I’m asked a lot of truly interesting questions from a very broad cross section of professionals. Some answers require a lot of thought while others require none.

The question I’m asked repeatedly is one of those that’s quite simple to answer. But the answer is very important. Here’s the question:

“Do most Networkers fail because of ignorance?”

No. Most Networkers fail, not because of ignorance, but because of the illusion of wisdom.

Our industry, unlike medicine, law, teaching, stock brokerage or accounting, has no requirements for participation. Even real estate sales people take tests that demonstrate minimum standards of competence. Fail, and you’re denied a license.

In fact, if you get caught impersonating a police officer, you’re in trouble. But if you’ve never recruited one person, sold one product for a Network Marketing company or ever participated in any MLM venture, you can still fabricate your credentials, slap up a pretty website and sell the illusion of wisdom about how to succeed in Network Marketing.

Not only can people impersonate successful distributors, but they can actually earn a lot of money teaching what they’ve never done. But wait, there’s more…

Not only can an incompetent sell the illusion of wisdom, but if he or she provides a large enough financial incentive to MLM leaders, affiliates will promote his or her training materials to their downline. But wait, there more…

If a person is a celebrity author with brand name recognition, all they need to do to sell their books and tapes is say something nice about the MLM industry. Evidently, Networkers are so starved for credibility and recognition, that anyone who has ever achieved success in any field will be welcomed by our profession like some liberating hero.

A person who has been on TV a few times or written any bestseller on any subject need not even create the illusion of wisdom. Presumably, their celebrity alone qualifies them to deliver speeches, and sell books and training information that will help Networkers succeed. But wait, there’s more…

If your company owners like to schmooze with celebrities, you’ll notice that every year at the annual convention, when the most loyal and committed leaders make a pilgrimage to the biggest corporate event of the year, everyone will be treated to celebrity speeches.

If Paris Hilton needed the money, I’m sure she’d be keynoting several MLM conventions. Those of you who have been in this industry for several years may remember that immediately before his murder trial, OJ Simpson was a keynote speaker at the annual convention of one of the most respected MLM companies. He was their celebrity pitchman because he once played football. Go figure.

So, how do we professional Networkers help new people avoid falling prey to the illusion of wisdom? I have a simple plan.

First, introduce your people to this blog article so they can appreciate the problem.

Second, teach them to verify the credentials of any Network Marketing trainer before buying materials. Often, a simple e-mail request for proof of credentials and follow up verification will suffice. Call their former company and verify their income claims.

Third, send an e-mail to your corporate leaders requesting a speaker at your next convention who is a recognized industry professional like Rod Cook, Jerry Clark, Sandy Elsburg, Todd Falcone or Dr. Charles King.

Fourth, do not, under any circumstances, promote training materials to anyone in your downline, no matter how much you’re financially incentivized, until you are absolutely certain that the trainer’s credentials are legitimate and you’ve successfully applied his or her strategies.

Fifth, encourage distributors to get out of their seats and into the streets. Cyberspace is crammed with the illusion of wisdom…and very little substance.

Internet training is far too seductive and filled to the brim with get-rich-quick schemes aimed at vulnerable new business builders. But a pretty website does not a competent mentor make, and it’s our job to warn folks.

Remember, unlike virtually every other field in capitalism, we have no competency tests, minimum standards of performance or standardized licensing procedures. Like the early days of mixed martial arts, “there aren’t any rules!” Most new distributors do not fail because they’re ignorant. They fail because someone who has successfully created the illusion of wisdom sells them a system.

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What to Do the Next Time You Doubt Your Potential

“Families is where our nation takes hope, where wings take dream. I know how hard it is to put food on your family.” –George W. Bush (2005 speech)

The next time you are feeling down and out…the next time you are rejected by prospects or scolded by an upline leader…the next time you feel like quitting Network Marketing altogether and returning to traditional business…the next time you question your own ability to become a wealthy, successful leader…pull out the above quote and re-read it several times.

Surely you’re capable of earning $100,000 a month in a system of global capitalism which is led by individuals who have made it to the very pinnacle and then articulate such brilliance from on-high.

Or better yet, purchase the book from which I’m quoting: The Mammoth Book of Zingers, Quips and One-liners, by Carroll and Graff and immerse yourself in the absolute genius of international leaders and billionaires.

Trust me—you can succeed in Network Marketing.

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How to Earn and Keep the BIG Checks Coming In

“People can always be counted on to do the right thing – after they have exhausted all other possibilities.” – Winston Churchill

I’m always fascinated by the amount of money people spend on training systems that DO NOT WORK before they throw up their hands and purchase the Holy Grail of Network Marketing volumes.

It’s become so absurd in recent years that corporate managers who sit on their butts drawing salaries are creating training systems for entrepreneurs in our industry.

Authors, consultants and celebrities are being paid huge fees to speak at Network Marketing conventions, in spite of the fact that they’ve never built squat.

It’s no wonder so many people keep switching companies as if the solution were to be found in some magic pre-launch or one secret strategy.

Do you really want to know how most of us get to the huge checks and keep them coming for decades? OKAY. Here is it.

Do one thing at a time.
Do it right.
Finish it.

And before you waste another penny on any strategy, lead list or training system, make absolutely certain that the individual selling it has earned at least $100,000 a month in Network Marketing for several years, consistently.

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