Don’t Laugh, It’s a Fax!

Some people think that I hate
technology because I suppose I haven’t been crystal clear in my explanations.
So permit me to pen a few brief sentences in order to clarify my position. I
love cell phones and computers because they so effectively immobilize everyone
who could be a potential competitor. Entering Network Marketing without a cell
phone is like entering the special Olympics without a handicap. I would even
argue that in MLM it is a bit unfair to not have a cell phone or computer.

We are paid to do two things:
recruit and retail. We are not paid to take inbound calls nor continuously monitor
binary code. Trust me, no company is going to ever figure out how to monetize
incoming text or irrelevant minutiae in order to pay multi-level compensation.
While other people talk on their phones and drive around in an unfocused daze,
all you need to do is talk to other human beings about your products or

I’ve created treatment centers and
observed the behavior of many people coming off cocaine and heroine. None
exhibit the kind of addictive frenzy that I recently observed when our plane
landed after a five-hour flight from Maui to Portland. When the flight attendant told the
passengers that they could once again use their cell phones, she might as well
have been in an opium den in Asia giving
people permission to fire up their pipes. People were literally that frantic.
The guy sitting across from me in first class actually started trembling with
such excitement that he fumbled his phone and dropped it before he could even
turn it on.

Once inside the terminal I made
another observation. It used to be a foot race to get our luggage or clear
customs. But now that people shuffle through the terminal like zombies in Night
of The Living Dead scrolling through their digital accessories, it’s easy to
pass everyone even if you were seated in 37J. But if you really want to observe
comedy central, watch people around the luggage carousel and those attempting
to leave. No kidding…I saw a lady push a huge cart of suitcases into a 20ft.
glass wall nowhere near the exit door as she attempted to talk on her cell
phone and leave the airport simultaneously. Unperturbed, she rolled her cart
backwards over her big toe, shrieked an expletive, and then told the person to
whom she was talking that she had to get off the phone because the airport was
turning into a “nightmare.” The airport was not turning into anything.
Technology was turning a seemingly mature adult into a moron.

So, I reiterate. I love technology
and I’m pleased that everyone in the world is accessible to me 24/7 so that I
need not carry a digital leash. If you need to reach me, simply leave a message
on my landline and I’ll call you back at my convenience. Those of you who have
actually graduated to a prosthetic ear cell hanging from your temple like a
stalagtite at Marvel Cave…cool beans! And
the next time you see some guy walk out of a public restroom with a piece of
toilet paper sticking out the back of his pants…don’t make fun of him. He’s
probably just receiving a fax.

So, you see, I really do love
technology for many reason. In the words of George Carlin; “except for golf, no
other human activity provides as much fuel for humor as technology.”

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Do What Works

I’m astounded by the number of
calls and emails we receive from people who ask us if they should continue
doing things that don’t work or follow the strategies in our Holy Grail
training. I’m serious. People are constantly indicating that what they are
doing doesn’t work but they don’t want to offend their upline leaders. Others
ask us if they should keep using bad lead lists even if they aren’t working.
They admit that the leads are no good but since they paid good money for them,
they feel they should continue to call them.

Folks, let’s get something
straight. You’re in business to sell products and recruit people. You aren’t in
business to baby-sit downline or pander to your upline. The question is always
this: “Is this system working?” If it isn’t…stop using it. Pick one of our
strategies that has already helped somebody earn millions of dollars and use
it…if it works for you. We include nothing in our Holy Grail that hasn’t
already worked for some millionaire.

Many years ago I was the recipient
of The Greatest Networker In The World award. The only problem was, I wasn’t
even close to that distinction. I’ve met men and women who have earned much
more than me and many who have built much better organizations. But I’m pretty
good at Networking and guess what I discovered when I got to the really big
money. My best leaders did the business totally different than I did. Nobody
really duplicated me but that’s okay. I applauded then for being

Great leaders in any upline
encourage their people to grow, expand and succeed. Great leaders don’t get mad
when their downline members show ingenuity and excellence. Nor are great
leaders intimidated when members of their downline find systems like The Holy
Grail of Network Marketing. Right now some of the best leaders in a dozen
companies are suggesting that their people join our Holy Grail Team. They know
this stuff works and they want their people to have every possible advantage.

There will always be people in
every profession who are driven more by ego than values. Some are control
freaks who are perfectly happy to earn less money so long as they can control
everyone else and demand loyalty and allegiance. But you are an independent and
your upline must earn your respect, not demand it.

So here’s my rule of thumb. You can
make money working width and depth but you’ll never earn a penny working
height. This business is not about being force-fed intellectual junk food or
catering to the ego needs of those above you. It’s about giving your family
what they deserve. Do what works and stop doing what doesn’t. Does that make
sense? And just in case it doesn’t, let me make it crystal clear for you. If
you order the first two volumes of our Holy Grail of Network Marketing and that
information doesn’t help you at least triple your check in a couple of months,
you would be silly to order the other twelve volumes. In fact, if volumes one
and two don’t get you to 25 or 30 thousand a month pretty quickly, you may want
to consider another profession…that is, if you’ve applied what we teach!

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Is It Just Me?

I’m very concerned, based on the
facts I’ve been reading, that technology companies may be using subliminal
messaging to infantilize all Americans. I’ll tell you what I think…I think
Americans are being infantilized digitally. I think the dumbing-down of America may just
be the inevitable final stage of hyper-consumerism. Is it just me?

I grew up in Missouri and the President of our local
Fisco Railroad, Richard Grayson, led his company into profitability every year.
For that leadership he earned slightly over $200,000 a year and lived in a nice
home. His kids were my friends. This past week, Ford Motors announced a record
loss of 12 billion dollars, the closing of over a dozen plants and layoffs of
38,000 workers. Ford’s President earned 28 million dollars for four months work
and was given the corporate jet for personal travel as a perk. Excuse me folks,
but is anyone paying attention?

Is there anyone else out there as
befuddled as I am? The regulators don’t seem to have any problem hammering
little MLM companies for making earnings claims, but I don’t see anyone in our
industry earning $28,000,000 every four months by cheating their downlines. So where
are the regulators when corporate leaders screw people out of their job and
benefits? Are you with me here? Have we all fallen down Alice’s rabbit hole into an upside down
backward world?

Two days ago Paula Zahn acted
indignant about the fact that four unsupervised school kids were caught playing
sex games in the back of a 5th grade classroom. Why should any
journalist be surprised about such behavior when Paris Hilton was catapulted
into Red Carpet Status shortly after a web cast appeared showing her engaged in
premarital sex. If the media insists on glamorizing the Anna Nicole Smiths and
Paris Hiltons of the world as celebrity role models, shouldn’t we expect our
youngest kids to immulate their behavior?

Folks, I beg you. Get to work,
build a legitimate distribution network and then get ready for the Great
American “Duh-Out.” Within the next ten years, people are either going to be ultra
wealthy or sucking hind tit. (That’s an old Missouri saying and it’s not politically
correct, but it is certainly descriptive and accurate.) If the citizens of
North America continue to allow themselves to be dumbed down, at some point,
for no apparent reason, every adult in North America
will suddenly sit down wherever they are, drool on their shirts, stare off into
space, and collectively yell, “DUH!”

When that happens you’re going to
want to have plenty of passive residual income and a cabin at least 50 miles from
the nearest city. At least then you’re beyond walking distance from the
majority of tatooed, armed and dangerous, room temperature level I.Q., Duh-out
victims from cybercellhell who had no idea that their blackberries were really
subliminal zombie makers.

Remember above all else, the reason
for this iblog and my free Yarnell Sizzle Call is to empower Networkers. Why?
Because we are the last hold outs in the effort to dumb-down America. We are
grass roots capitalists who market products that people actually need. We
promote ethics over profits, values over image and efficacy over hype. No
sweatshops in MLM. No infantile ads. Just sustainable, accountable companies
that harness the entrepreneurial spirit and compete against giant corporations
who are dedicated to selling crap we don’t need and replacing the American Bald
Eagle who fishes for salmon with a clown who sells sugar and grease.

Some people will be offended by the
truth, but I suggest you get this information to everyone who will read it.
Let’s rebuild democracy and capitalism one relationship at a time from the
bottom up by employing the one remaining authentic strategy “word of mouth”
Networking. And please don’t be seduced into the virtual world of faux feelings
and simulated sentiments. To truly make a difference, we all need to be humanly
engaged with real people, either selling products or recruiting prospects.
Civilization can not be sustained by virtual wealth and sideways text. 


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Intelligent Blogging for Intelligent Networkers

Over the last 22 years, two things
have become self-evident to me. First, Networkers are significantly more
intelligent than the general population. Second, the general population thinks
the exact opposite. If any sector of the North American public is capable of
preparing the masses to resist the dumbing-down process of all Americans, it’s
free-spirited, intelligent Networkers.

What used to be the, “protestant
ethic,” is now the “infantilist ethos,” to quote professor Benjamin Barber,
distinguished senior fellow from New
. Or to put it another way, adults are being
rejuvenilzed by government, big business and the media in a serious effort by
corporate predators to create hyper-consumerism and thereby ensure capitalism’s
long-term survival.

Presumably, the stupider adults
become, the more easily they can be persuaded to become Stepford Americans who
purchase stuff they don’t need with money they don’t have. And by the way,
these are not philosophical ramblings from some left-wing, nut bag. These are facts
the advertisers and market place vendors acknowledge, and even boast about

In the words of one noted P.R.
expert, “the child wants what it wants when it wants it, without consideration
of the needs of others, and a man-child does not outgrow this pattern. Frozen
in time, aging adults remain youth consumers throughout their lives. Our goal
is to turn America
into Peter Pan land where, in the words of 
Peter fleeing to Neverland, everybody decides, ‘I don’t want to grow up.
I don’t want to be a man, I want always, to be a little boy and have fun!’”

And if you don’t believe that
infantilization is working, remember that right after 9-11 our President stated;
“go the mall and shop to show the terrorists that they didn’t win!” “The Economist”
summed it up quite nicely, “Today the 35 year old Wall Street analyst who zips
to work on his push scooter, listening to Moby on his headphones and carrying
annual reports in his backpack has far more in common with a child than an

The reason the U.S. is heading for an economic
nightmare is because the primary task of consumer capitalism has shifted from
manufacturing goods to manufacturing needs. In fact it’s common knowledge that
new diseases are invented to sell new pills every year.

So, what does all this have to do
with this iblog and the role of Network Marketers in this plot to infantilize adults?
Plenty. For starters, Networkers are bright and adventurous. Other people will
listen to us when we tell the truth because other people respect the courage of
those who enter our profession. They may not say so, but trust me, they do
respect you. So what we say and how we conduct our lives becomes very important
because we are on the leading edge of American economic transformation.
Manufacturing is out and distribution is in.

Our goal must be two-fold. First,
we must do everything in our power to educate our friends, families and
associates about the importance of the choices available. Some will lead to
wealth, but many will lead to poverty. If you haven’t yet heard my new
recruiting tool called “The Beach or the Soup Line?” visit
to learn plenty of facts. Second, we must become productive distributors so
that we can lead by example and then pool our resources and collective power
for the good of everyone.  

My iblog is based on two factors. First,
I realize that not everyone has the money and time freedom to read credible
books on a regular basis. Therefore I will work diligently to uncover and
advance facts and information from authoritative and credible sources
calculated to arm my fellow distributors with cutting edge information relevant
to recruiting others into our industry. I will not dumb-down the information
because I do not believe Networkers are dumb.

Second, I will provide you with
intelligent, distributor-friendly tactics for growing your business. Not
“one-size-fits-all” canned pitches, or primo lead lists from ascended masters,
just strategies that have proven effective for the most successful  Networkers. At no time will I include
fairy-dust concepts which have been rumored to turn street people into
millionaires in under 60 days.

In return I do request your honest
feedback. If readership of this iblog increases and your comments are encouraging,
I’ll continue my efforts and assume that we can and will make a difference as
both individuals and an industry. That brings me to my final point.

If my assumption about Networkers
being more intelligent than the masses is not correct think about this. In 1996
when I finished my book, “Your First Year
in Network Marketing,”
the publisher told me that it was excellent, but
that their editors were going to have to dumb it down to an eighth grade reading
level. I objected. I forbade them from treating my readers like the general
population and they warned me that it would hurt sales. Quite the contrary.
Last year, my book outsold the previous years and it continues to be a Random
House International best seller in its 10th year. Why? Because I was
right and they were wrong. There is no such thing as Network Marketing for

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Knowledge, Risk and Sacrifice

Each year I’m invited to speak at
conventions for major Network Marketing companies and only one thing is
predictable at each event. During a question and answer period, regardless of
the company, one question always surfaces;

 “ Mr. Yarnell you’ve been in this business for
over twenty years. What is the biggest change you’ve seen occur in our

The answer is simple. The same
elements required for success twenty-two years ago are also necessary today. Those
three elements are knowledge, risk and sacrifice. People must have the wisdom
necessary to prospect, recruit and train quality people. They must be willing
to risk a few hundred dollars to get started. And people must be willing to
make the sacrifice each day to treat this like a real business instead of just
a little, part-time venture.

Fortunately there really haven’t been
any changes in terms of the requirements necessary for dramatic success. But
there has been one major change in the thinking of most Network Marketers. I
remember in the early days how willing I was to borrow money to get on a plane
and go anywhere when a great leader was willing to coach me. In one case, only
three months into my business, I borrowed two thousand dollars to fly to Long Island, New
to be mentored by an expert.

The only change that has occurred
in today’s Network Marketing world seems to be a reluctance to make intelligent
sacrifices. Today it’s possible to get more knowledge than was ever available
before. Our Holy Grail of Network Marketing offers literally the most brilliant
concepts from the most brilliant men and women, all of whom have earned
millions over the last twenty-two years. So the knowledge is there and we offer
it. The change that’s occurred is that many people are unwilling to make the small
sacrifices necessary to learn. In the early days, those of us who made the big
money were willing to risk whatever we could borrow in order to meet with other
leaders, although at that time there were very few leaders who could teach us
the business.

When I consider The Holy Grail of
Network Marketing and what it holds for people in terms of opportunities, I’m
shell shocked at the number of people who are afraid to invest $1.87 a day in our
training. That’s about what it costs each year to receive all four books and 12

People call me all the time excited
about the opportunity to participate in The Holy Grail but express concern
about it costing them the equivalent of one bottled water a day. Duh! Think
about that. For under two dollars a day people get an opportunity to learn how
to earn $300,000 a month. And yet many people consider that too risky an
investment in their own success.

Remember, the same criteria today
existed twenty-two years ago for people who wanted to make the big money. Three
things are needed; knowledge, risk and sacrifice. We now have the knowledge
that has been accumulated over the last twenty-two years of interviewing the
best leaders in this industry. Are you willing to make the sacrifice yourself,
and encourage your people to sacrifice the equivalent of a bottle of water a
day in order to join Holy Grail? Are you willing to sacrifice two to three
hours each day and honestly apply what you learn? Because if the answer to
those two questions is yes, nothing can stop you. If the answer is no…don’t
quit your day job.

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