Your First Laugh in 2008!

This is one of the best Networking jokes I’ve ever heard and I hope it starts your New Year right. Many thanks to Mitch Langen of Asheville, NC who called and shared it over the phone. We’ve been friends for years and I consider him one of the all-time greatest Networkers in the world. I had the good fortune of sponsoring him once, and I marveled at his work ethic and creativity. I’m not surprised he came up with this joke that made me laugh until I got a headache.

I suggest you send it to your downline. They’re all sitting around bored by now, full of turkey and ham, praying for an e-mail. Be sure to tell them that this is from Mark Yarnell and that if they join the Holy Grail, they’ll get their own newsletters, strategies and concepts that will allow them to make so much money in 2008 that they’ll be able to purchase their own jets and islands in the Pacific. One of our Holy Grail members recently made an offer on Long Island. It was her second choice because her Upline had already snapped up Bermuda.

Here’s Mitch’s joke:

A guy calls a friend about an upstart MLM, ground floor deal. Here’s the conversation:

Bob: “Hey Steve, I’ve got to get you in this unbelievable company. I know you’ve always wanted the perfect ground floor deal and this is it.

Steve: “What’s the product?”

Bob: “It’s a special beet juice from the Amazon that cures cancer, heart attacks, arthritis and completely stalls the aging process. It’s been approved by the FDA as an all natural cure-all.”

Steve: “Wow! What about the comp plan?”

Bob: “It’s a unilevel that pays 25 generations with a matching bonus on all front line and a 5% profit pool for everyone who does $5 a month in sales.”

Steve: “Wow! What about the owners?”

Bob: “The owners are Microsoft, Bayer and Bank of America and they’ve committed 7 billion dollars for the roll-out.”

Steve: “Wow! Can I leave the check to my kids when I die?”

Bob: “Yes, as a matter of fact, upon your death, the monthly check is placed in a lifetime annuity fund by Bank of America and your family gets an extra 5% interest paid monthly for life. Your kids will actually inherit more than you earned.”

Steve: “Wow! How much does it cost to sign up?”

Bob: “Five dollars, but that $5 leverages you $300 worth of products and qualifies you to receive full downline commissions for your first 24 months. After that, it’s five dollars a year to qualify.”

Steve: “Oh Wow! Bob, I have one last question. In two weeks, I’m scheduled to have my head surgically removed, frozen and placed in cryonic storage for seven years. I already have a donor body from a young Brazilian who will be 18 so my head will be sewn onto a new young body in seven years once doctors have finished developing a cure for my rare blood disease. Will the company let me keep my position and continue in seven years exactly where I left off?”

After a long silence…

Bob: “Gee Steve, I don’t think so. I haven’t seen that in the policies and procedures.”

Steve: “Ah Hah! I knew there was a catch!”

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Yarnell’s December Blog

Until you truly know what’s going on in the world, you may not have sufficient motivation to earn $300,000 a month. The target of our Holy Grail has always been those decent folks who are willing to shoot for the stars, and then use their excess capital to achieve dreams bigger than themselves.

Unfortunately, 95% of people in North America do not read one book a year. This, 95% of all people are not well read.

I’m on my knees begging you to read one book immediately. Please, please, please purchase The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein and read it carefully. Please, please, please send this book title to everyone you know. This book can and will change the world if everyone will just read it.

Once everyone understand what’s going on, we can take action.

Believe me when I way say that this book by Naomi Klein, London School of Economics, is brilliant and informative. She’s a genius with zero ties to politics or any special interests and her facts cannot be ignored.

Trust me on this one folks. Get the book and get this information to every person you know. This is so much bigger than Network Marketing, but we have a wonderful group of entrepreneurs who are well connected to each other. We can make a difference by starting a movement of informed, decent adults. The New York Times calls Shock Doctrine, “A Movement Bible.

Please purchase this book today. I believe our industry is the last bastion of free enterprise and it’s time for everyone to get to the big money so we can make the changes necessary to our survival.

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