Although many of the best authors in numerous fields are of the opinion that most Americans are not prepared to make the sacrifices necessary to change the direction of humanity, I refuse to abandon my optimism.

Right before the fall of the Roman Empire, Livy wrote, “We have reached the point where we cannot stand either our vices or their cures.”

While necessary changes may appear difficult, we better get to work because history is very clear about one fact. When any world power in the past found itself with both its moral ecology and economic growth in disarray at the same time, it slipped into dictatorship.

I believe that today it’s different because of two new and unique cultural facts. First, digital communications provide us for the very first time in human history with the ability to get the facts to the masses in a hurry. That means that if something really makes sense, everyone can learn about it in time to initiate change. That’s the main reason I ask you to please pass this blog forward if you agree with it.

Second, Network Marketing is a new profession without any earnings cap and it provides a vehicle for average people to rapidly accumulate the money, power and time freedom necessary to facilitate change. That’s why I continue to champion this industry. To cash in now, kick back and disregard everyone else, would be to give in to the poverty of affluence. As long as so many others are suffering, no amount of personal material belongings can bring anyone complete happiness and fulfillment…certainly not me.

I believe that three things are self-evident. First, change is possible if enough decent people create the personal wealth and time freedom to facilitate that change.

Second, if we offer the best strategies in the best field in order to assist people in the accumulation of personal prosperity, millions of decent folks will then have the time and incentive to join us and accept the challenge.

Third, I believe that those who acquire our training materials and accumulate enough personal resources and free time to make a real cultural difference will respect us enough to participate in our social initiatives.

It is simply no longer acceptable to deny the human condition in our quest for personal prosperity. Perhaps you agree.

So here’s the deal. We’ll help you acquire the funds, then let’s give everyone the same opportunity.

Remember, we live in a very unique time. Those millions of folks who desired change in every previous historical empire, lacked the communications tools we have and the personal funds available to us.

Those poor souls with big hearts, though in the majority, simply lacked the ability and resources to demand changes that were in the best interest of the masses. In the history of all humanity, we alone have the capacity to refocus our efforts and redefine destinies.

I believe the masses in every generation have always been decent folks who were unfortunately born into caste systems of labor and poverty governed by ruling elites who were focused on perpetuating their own wealth, power and control.

That’s not the case today. But if we continue to allow ourselves to be dumbed down without a fight into robotic consumers who refuse to embrace the higher ideals of character, morality and charity, we will have no one to blame but ourselves when our culture follows in the footsteps of all others and descends into a swirling vortex of mediocrity and institutionalized greed.

And please don’t be delusional. Every world power and advanced human civilization has been sucked into the same vortex which we are now poised to enter. There are no exceptions in all of recorded history. My analysis may not be pleasant, but it is factual. Let’s deal with it.

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Let’s End the Blame Game in Network Marketing

Last week I watched a documentary about people who were dying. The interviewer was asking them all kinds of questions and an answer from one guy really grabbed me. It was indicative of how defeatist some human beings in western culture have become. The guy was 300 pounds overweight, dying from complications related to his weight and he knew had less than a week to live. The interviewer asked him, “Are you scared?” He said, “No, but I’m a bit angry. I just can’t believe that my friends and family allowed me to get this fat.”

I couldn’t believe my ears and yet I hear a similar version of this attitude from Networkers who blame others for their own mediocrity. If I could wave a magic wand and create one universal mindset among entrepreneurs it would be simply this, “I am responsible for my income.”

In Network Marketing the only objective is to sell products or services and recruit new distributors. No upline ever dragged anyone across the finish line. We’re paid to sponsor and sponsors are people who provide opportunities.

Can you imagine Tiger Woods saying, “I can’t believe Nike let me lose the Masters!” Nike is his sponsor, not his babysitter. Don’t waste time worrying about your upline and never waste time babysitting your downline. Do support those who are working, but don’t feel responsible for those who project their failure onto you.

A leader is someone who consistently demonstrates what’s possible. That’s what makes Tiger Woods so great. He keeps winning because he keeps doing what he’s paid to do. You are today exactly where you have chosen to be and it has absolutely nothing to do with anyone but you.

The same is true about everyone in your downline, so don’t waste your time pandering to those who want to blame you for their averagism. You provided them access to the greatest opportunity in capitalism, what they do with it is solely up them.

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No Exit Network Marketing

Last fall my wife Valerie and I found ourselves in a set of circumstances which few will encounter except in their darkest nightmares. We were floating down a gentle river in the wilds of Bella Coola, British Columbia during salmon spawning season. Les, our guide anchored the front of our small oar boat on a gravel bar.

He and I were fly fishing upstream when Valerie noticed a mother grizzly and her 3 two-year old cubs feeding on the opposite shore a considerable distance from us. I told Les and he immediately motioned for us to return to the boat.

By the time we both got back into the boat, all four grizzlies had made it across the river and down our side, nearly to the boat. They were close enough that Les, our guide, whispered for us to remain calm and quiet. He didn’t want to spook them by lifting the anchor and the oars were facing the wrong direction in about three feet of water. So we just sat there.

To put it simply, we were trapped with absolutely no exit strategy. At first, I couldn’t accept our plight. I was shell shocked by the size of those grizzlies and how close they were and I urged Les to pull anchor. He wouldn’t. Instead, he whispered that they were mostly interested in the salmon and that we just needed to stay calm and quiet. Bears can run 50 kilometers an hour through shallow water and we didn’t have a motor, gun, or access to bear spray. We had zero chance of escape.

It was the second time in 58 years that I was truly caught without an exit strategy and everything happened in dream-like slow motion. It reminded me of how trapped I felt when I joined Network Marketing.

At no time did any of the bears express aggression. For quite some time we watched as they caught salmon, ripped them apart and gobbled them up. They were curious about us and kept moving closer to our little boat, but were obviously more intent on fattening up on fish before their coming hibernation than munching on us.

Valerie clicked a tremendous number of photos and when Les saw that the grizzlies were full and that mother bear was now standing on her hind legs looking at us and sniffing the air, he slowly and silently lifted the anchor and turned the oars around. We drifted slowly away with the current, hearts in our mouths, eyes locked on the bears, and praying they wouldn’t come after us.

We’ve sent photos of the bears to family and friends and most were shocked that the photos were taken with a simple camera and no telephoto lens. The idea of being that close to four grizzlies is overwhelming to many who see the pictures.

What I took home from that marvelous encounter was a simple realization, but one that makes sense. In life, it’s impossible to fully understand our capabilities or our potential until we find ourselves in a position with absolutely no exist strategies. We can all make assumptions about how we might react without a safety net, but that’s all they are – assumptions.

I’ve met many wonderful people in my 22 year career in Network Marketing many of whom will never know if they could have achieved wealth. Most saw the huge upside potential and many thought they were giving our industry their best effort. When they quit, they were puzzled as to why they had failed to get to the big checks. They’ve had many excuses: poor upline, mediocre training, lousy management and bad luck. But we’ll never know for sure why they failed because they all built exit strategies into their networking careers and then quit before they had time to give it their all.

It’s frightening to feel trapped without options. That’s why so many folks “dabble” in Networking. They never give it a real shot because they never abandon their other options. Most of us who were, either by choice or necessity, forced to sink or swim, became wealthy. That’s why brilliant people from all professions are baffled about how they failed in MLM while high school drop-outs, cops and maids have earned millions.

What I’ve learned during my decades in this industry is that a maid with no other options is a better recruit than an executive with choices. If you want to find out what you’re really worth in our great industry, cut off all your exit strategies, make a five-year commitment to one company and then sacrifice a few bucks and invest in The Holy Grail Training. You may be shocked at your own courage once you have no exit strategy.

One thing is for certain, you’ll never know until you try.

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Tricks of the Network Marketing Trade – ARF

Over the next year I’m going to introduce you to some “tricks” that we Networking veterans have used for years. Many have been forgotten and most will amaze you.

That’s what tricks do – they amaze those who have no idea how they’re performed, but they’re quite simple to execute with a little practice. Each trick is designed to keep attrition rate at a minimum. Nobody wants to lose customers or distributors, yet when I perform these tricks at a Network Marketing convention, Networkers are amazed. Often they laugh uproariously and give me a standing ovation because the tricks are so compelling and dramatic.

Sometimes new distributors ask me why everyone doesn’t know these tricks. I think part of the problem is cultural amnesia. As humans progress, they forget what they did a week ago. You probably can’t say for sure what you had for lunch last Tuesday. But in the last ten years we’ve progressed so rapidly that most of us are now living in a culture of 21st century technology with a 20th century brain.

There’s an added cultural lag in which the speed and intensity of technological change has overwhelmed human perception and historical reflection. People caught up in technology have forgotten many of the tricks and tools which work in Network Marketing because they’ve lost sight of the primary purpose of our profession.

We are in the “word of mouth” advertising business – nothing else. The fact that we can now reach vast numbers of people technologically or that we can reach them twice as fast, in no way changes the core objectives of our profession.

The tricks I will share with you in many upcoming blogs are valuable if you want to lower attrition and earn ten times more money. Unfortunately as seasoned Networkers have retired, many of their tricks have retired with them. So pay close attention because these tricks will amaze you and they work.

Today’s trick is called…ARF. Those are perfect letters because this trick will cause pseudo-experts to sit up and bark. Nothing will cost you more customers or distributors than uninformed outsiders with biased opinions and no concept of your product or opportunity. They can ruin your people’s attitudes and cause them to fail if you don’t prepare them.

While there are many variations of ARF (Accountability Release Form), I’ll give you one example. I got so fed up with medical professionals telling my customers that they didn’t need my products that I developed a simple form that I sent to every new customer. It included the following cover letter and instructions:

Dear Betty,

Congratulations. You’ll love the benefits of our products. I’m pleased to put in writing my belief that they will truly help you.

Because many people have not reviewed our technology, some who don’t understand it may suggest that you don’t need the products. In order to protect you against uneducated opinions, please make sure that any medical practitioner who offers an opinion, signs the Accountability Release Form I’ve enclosed. If they decline, it’s because they are unsure of their recommendation.

Enjoy the products!


Mark Yarnell



As a medical professional I have reviewed the research concerning the product _____________ and recommend that _________________ (Person’s Name) not take it.

I accept accountability and full legal responsibility for my recommendation.

Witness _________________ Signed ____________________ Date _______________
I say, if doctors are going to shoot off their mouths, make them put it in writing!

This is a wonderful tool and if you let your imagination run, you’ll think of many additional applications. For example, I had an ARF for distributors who were approached by competitors trying to cause them to switch companies. The ARF forced competitors from other Network Marketing companies to put in writing that if my distributor switched companies, their new sponsor would accept full responsibility for the financial outcome of that defection.

It was amazing how no doctor or recruiters from other companies were willing to put in writing what they were so freely willing to assert verbally.

The ARF process is a very simple tool that may save you hundreds or even thousands of customers and distributors over the years.

And if you like this one, you’ll love BOOF! You’ll learn about BOOF in a soon to be released blog.

Happy Networking!


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Soaring with the Eagles

A few days ago I stood on Blue Grouse Mountain with three friends and prepared to launch my paraglider. It was one of those perfect days when cycles of thermals were blowing up the face of the mountain and several gaggles of eagles were circling calmly in pockets of warm rising air. After doing a pre-flight examination of my wing, which had been sitting in my garage during the winter months, I flipped on my vario and prepared to launch.

I blew my first launch because I was rusty and did everything wrong including jumping into my harness before becoming airborne. I had to abort my first attempt, which is always embarrassing in front of your buddies who are all veterans of the sport. There’s a bond among pilots that is very strong and when a veteran blows a launch, he has to listen to a bunch of condescending remarks because nobody like to criticize other paraglide pilots. Never mind that I did everything wrong, I had to listen to my pals tell me why it wasn’t my fault. I knew better.

The next launch attempt was picture perfect and I caught a nice thermal out front and began a slow climb. That’s when I discovered that the batteries in my vario were burned out. I couldn’t believe it. A vario is a small device which emits a digital beeping noise as you begin to gain altitude in a flying machine. Paragliders fly so slowly and thermals are often so mild that you often don’t know you’re climbing until the vario alerts you. Once alerted, you can begin a turn which allows you to do 360s in the center of the rising air and gain a lot of altitude. We call that “coring a thermal.” I knew my vario wasn’t working because the thermal I entered was powerful and I was gaining altitude rapidly without the customary beeping sound.

I didn’t own a vario my first year of paragliding so in order to gain altitude in thermals I had to look for circling birds. Once underneath them, I could rise. I’d forgotten all that because for nearly a decade I had depended on my little vario to guide me. Somewhere along the way an expert pilot convinced me to purchase a digital vario and it was a definite advantage…I thought. Anyway, back to last week.

As soon as I was dumped out of that first thermal, absent my vario, I instinctively began looking for circling birds. It didn’t take long to spot four eagles and head for their thermal. As soon as I got there, I began to rise silently in the same warm air. Within five minutes I was soaring nearly even with the bald eagles, something I hadn’t done in years. With a vario, finding thermals is easy. One does not need birds to ascend. Then two things occurred to me that I hadn’t considered for many years. First, the absence of digital noise was marvelous. Second, soaring with bald eagles is much more pleasing than flying alone.

It was a wonderful day and I remained aloft nearly as long as I would have if my vario had been working. But when I got home, I made an important decision. I decided to remove my vario from my harness and never use it again.

Sometimes in life, serenity trumps efficiency. I suppose that’s why years ago I decided to avoid the use of cell phones and text messaging in Network marketing. It wasn’t that I doubted their speed and efficiency so much as the fact that I like the process of human bonding and face-to-face dialogue. Network Marketing, like paraglidng, is about seeking out and soaring with the eagles, not listening for ringers. I suppose there’s nothing wrong with the digital interruptions of noisy technology, but serenity is my goal…and I definitely am achieving that.

Given the clarity of hindsight, it’s difficult for me to imagine how I could have traded the magic of paragliding with hawks and eagles for the noise of a digital vario. But recently I saw a nice couple in a fine restaurant talking on cell phones and paying absolutely no attention to each other and it made sense.

A luxury once enjoyed soon becomes a necessity. Sometimes we need to experience life as it was before technology to fully appreciate the serenity always available to us with the simple flip of a switch or the serendipity of burned out batteries. Soaring with the eagles in real life or MLM requires skill and experience. Sometimes technology just gets in the way.

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