Intelligent Blogging for Intelligent Networkers

Over the last 22 years, two things
have become self-evident to me. First, Networkers are significantly more
intelligent than the general population. Second, the general population thinks
the exact opposite. If any sector of the North American public is capable of
preparing the masses to resist the dumbing-down process of all Americans, it’s
free-spirited, intelligent Networkers.

What used to be the, “protestant
ethic,” is now the “infantilist ethos,” to quote professor Benjamin Barber,
distinguished senior fellow from New
. Or to put it another way, adults are being
rejuvenilzed by government, big business and the media in a serious effort by
corporate predators to create hyper-consumerism and thereby ensure capitalism’s
long-term survival.

Presumably, the stupider adults
become, the more easily they can be persuaded to become Stepford Americans who
purchase stuff they don’t need with money they don’t have. And by the way,
these are not philosophical ramblings from some left-wing, nut bag. These are facts
the advertisers and market place vendors acknowledge, and even boast about

In the words of one noted P.R.
expert, “the child wants what it wants when it wants it, without consideration
of the needs of others, and a man-child does not outgrow this pattern. Frozen
in time, aging adults remain youth consumers throughout their lives. Our goal
is to turn America
into Peter Pan land where, in the words of 
Peter fleeing to Neverland, everybody decides, ‘I don’t want to grow up.
I don’t want to be a man, I want always, to be a little boy and have fun!’”

And if you don’t believe that
infantilization is working, remember that right after 9-11 our President stated;
“go the mall and shop to show the terrorists that they didn’t win!” “The Economist”
summed it up quite nicely, “Today the 35 year old Wall Street analyst who zips
to work on his push scooter, listening to Moby on his headphones and carrying
annual reports in his backpack has far more in common with a child than an

The reason the U.S. is heading for an economic
nightmare is because the primary task of consumer capitalism has shifted from
manufacturing goods to manufacturing needs. In fact it’s common knowledge that
new diseases are invented to sell new pills every year.

So, what does all this have to do
with this iblog and the role of Network Marketers in this plot to infantilize adults?
Plenty. For starters, Networkers are bright and adventurous. Other people will
listen to us when we tell the truth because other people respect the courage of
those who enter our profession. They may not say so, but trust me, they do
respect you. So what we say and how we conduct our lives becomes very important
because we are on the leading edge of American economic transformation.
Manufacturing is out and distribution is in.

Our goal must be two-fold. First,
we must do everything in our power to educate our friends, families and
associates about the importance of the choices available. Some will lead to
wealth, but many will lead to poverty. If you haven’t yet heard my new
recruiting tool called “The Beach or the Soup Line?” visit
to learn plenty of facts. Second, we must become productive distributors so
that we can lead by example and then pool our resources and collective power
for the good of everyone.  

My iblog is based on two factors. First,
I realize that not everyone has the money and time freedom to read credible
books on a regular basis. Therefore I will work diligently to uncover and
advance facts and information from authoritative and credible sources
calculated to arm my fellow distributors with cutting edge information relevant
to recruiting others into our industry. I will not dumb-down the information
because I do not believe Networkers are dumb.

Second, I will provide you with
intelligent, distributor-friendly tactics for growing your business. Not
“one-size-fits-all” canned pitches, or primo lead lists from ascended masters,
just strategies that have proven effective for the most successful  Networkers. At no time will I include
fairy-dust concepts which have been rumored to turn street people into
millionaires in under 60 days.

In return I do request your honest
feedback. If readership of this iblog increases and your comments are encouraging,
I’ll continue my efforts and assume that we can and will make a difference as
both individuals and an industry. That brings me to my final point.

If my assumption about Networkers
being more intelligent than the masses is not correct think about this. In 1996
when I finished my book, “Your First Year
in Network Marketing,”
the publisher told me that it was excellent, but
that their editors were going to have to dumb it down to an eighth grade reading
level. I objected. I forbade them from treating my readers like the general
population and they warned me that it would hurt sales. Quite the contrary.
Last year, my book outsold the previous years and it continues to be a Random
House International best seller in its 10th year. Why? Because I was
right and they were wrong. There is no such thing as Network Marketing for