Training to Fail

 When asked why General Motors is
only worth $22 billion and Toyota
is worth $150 billion, the leader of G.M. didn’t hesitate. He said; “for twenty
years we’ve been training our people to be managers while Toyota has been training their people to be
workers.” Nowhere is this failed strategy more obvious than in Network
Marketing. Instead of guiding their people into recruiting and retailing, many
leaders are churning out managers and trainers by engaging in those activities
themselves. Nobody prospers when leaders train. In fact, companies don’t pay
distributors to train, teach or lecture. Yet, that very behavior is being
duplicated all over North America. Many
outside consultants are doing everything they can to encourage distributors to
attend speeches, seminars and teleconferences on a regular basis.

Never before have so many Network
Marketers earned so little and trained so much. When we created
, the purpose was to teach people how to recruit and retail their way to
millions. By bringing out a new book and CD every three months, we teach people
to learn our strategies quickly, then apply them. One company leader caught on
real quickly and made our training available to his entire organization. Only
five percent enrolled in The Holy Grail but immediately his organizational
growth began to average 35% per month. Another company leader started using our
material as his official training format and launched a city-by-city tour to
teach our first volume. His people started duplicating that training process
and now he has a huge group of great managers who are training to fail. In
fact, his check growth has been very small. Why? Because Networkers are paid to
recruit and retail, not train.

Network Marketing is suffering from
the same problem as the automotive industry. Asians in MLM are experiencing
explosive growth by recruiting, while North Americans are stagnant because they
insist on training. What’s worse is that alleged experts are encouraging
distributors to spend their time in forums, lectures, teleconferences and hotel
training sessions. Why? Because the more money distributors pay to train, the
more money consultants earn.

Our commitment to you is simple.
We’ll give you the best training available and encourage your people to recruit
and retail. We will limit the training to one book and three CD’s four times a
year, and teach your people to work instead of manage. Instead of training to
fail, we will teach your group how and why they must work to succeed. Even
better, we will free leaders up to go back to work building a huge group
instead of training a bunch of managers. Remember, we are paid to train, you
aren’t. And we have not only achieved the huge monthly checks ourselves, but
we’ve also interviewed the big-big money Networkers and we know exactly what
they did to earn the mega bucks. You’ll learn those proven strategies from The
Holy Grail.

The myth of “duplication” created
back in the eighties, continues to plague our industry and keep people in
mediocrity. Success will depend on your ability to select, from among a buffet
of choices, those strategies most compatible with your skill sets, personality
and experience. Above all else remember this, none of us has the time to waste
memorizing “one-size-fits-all” canned training techniques. Nor do Networkers
have the luxury of pretending that we inhabit an island of unlimited prosperity
in a sea of poverty. The greatest minds in business, science and technology all
agree that we have about 12 years to create ultra-wealth or in all likelihood
we’ll be applying for food stamps.

I urge everyone to stop training to
fail. If you enjoyed my book “Your First Year In Network Marketing,” you’ll
love The Holy Grail of Network Marketing. Although my book continues to sell in
record numbers all over the world, it is, unfortunately, obsolete as a training
manual. It’s time to get down to business and go back to work. Over the next
four years we’ll roll out everything you and your people need to know. The
question is: are you going to apply it, or teach it?

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